Eduarda takes great satisfaction in helping her clients succeed building a great relationship with them along the way. This is one of the many reasons why her clients are happy and healthy. The testimonials from some of her clients below will give you an idea of how she has affected their lives and why they continue to use her as their personal trainer or group fitness instructor:

“Skinny fat lady with no exercise or diet discipline for over 30 years was in dire need of fitness structure and a life changing direction. I researched local trainers in Cambridge and gladly stumbled upon Eduarda Silvestre. Fast forward a few months and I’ve already lost weight and developed more strength and toning along with learning to make better health choices. I’m very grateful to have found her. She is not only kind and patient but professional and very caring. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to lose weight and get or stay fit especially if you have little to no experience getting started”

– Terri McKibbon

“Eduarda is an excellent trainer. She is tough (always kicks my butt) and kind (always has words of encouragement to get us through the workouts). She not only helps me to become stronger physically, but mentally as well. I am stronger and healthier because of her – and most importantly we have fun! She is truly a great trainer.”

– Lisa Rideout   (Group Fitness client)

“I have worked with Eduarda for five years now and can say that she is a true inspiration, both as a fitness coach and as a person. She inspires her clients to take care of their bodies for the long run and takes care to ensure we don’t hurt ourselves, but she also pushes us to achieve maximum results.

I started working out in my late 40s, realizing that I couldn’t rely on my youth to sustain the fitness level I would like to maintain as I get older. Eduarda works with all her clients to achieve their fitness goals and she’s in it for the long haul!”

 – April Souwand    (Group Fitness client)

“I was referred to Eduarda by my Chiropractor as the next step in improving my lower back health.  I was very hopeful and and frankly a little afraid that the workouts may cause more injury. It wasn’t long before Eduarda put those fears to rest. Her expertise and gentle encouragement has helped me to believe in my potential. With strengthening exercises customized to my ability. I am feeling confident and energized.”

– Teri Haynes   (One on One client)

“For 2 years I had been working out at a local gym 3 times a week with limited results. This past March I cancelled my gym membership and joined Eduarda’s home gym. The results were very quick in coming. My arms, back, and legs are nicely toned and I have lost inches off my thighs and hips.

Eduarda is very helpful and always ensures we are doing the proper technique and that all exercises are done in a safe manner. The atmosphere in her home is one of hard work but we also have a lot of laughs which makes the hour fly by.

Eduarda’s total body work out is constantly changing. We never get bored! I would never want to go back to working out on my own at a local gym. Making the change to working out with Eduarda was the best decision I’ve made in regards to my health and fitness.”

– Pam Wilson   (Group Fitness client)

“After a long day at work I always look forward to Boot camp. It is the highlight of my day. Eduarda inspires me to work harder and each day I feel stronger”

 – Stacy Neill  (Group Fitness client)